Café des Sciences n°33 « Du labo à l’IPO: Vision de jeunes entrepreneurs francophones aux États-Unis »

Mardi 26 Octobre, 18h – 20h

Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor
One Broadway, Cambridge

Entrée gratuite. Espace limité

Présentation suivie de rafraîchissements

RSVP Obligatoire

Presentations in French

Patrick Anquetil, Co-Founder & Dir. Business Dev at SynapDx
Dr. Patrick Anquetil is a life-science entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and director of business development at SynapDx and was co-founder and CEO of Aretais, an MIT medical device startup developing a novel non-invasive blood glucose monitor for diabetics. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Patrick was an equity research analyst at Susquehanna International Group, advising clients on science and nanotechnology investments. Patrick completed his Ph.D. at MIT in the field of Bio-Instrumentation. He also received an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the ETH Zurich. Patrick will discuss his experience as a life-sciences entrepreneur and how he went from the lab-bench to starting high-tech companies.

About SynapDx
SynapDx was formed to develop and commercialize blood-based diagnostic tests for the early detection of autism. Patrick and SynapDx recently raised $9 Millions from Boston based VCs.

Ziad Sultan, Founder & CEO, Marginize
Ziad is the founder and CEO of Marginize, a Boston-based startup that enables users to freely interact with each other on any website, through comments and check-ins. Ziad is also an Entrepreneur In Residence at Longworth Venture Partners. He was previously a Strategy Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, and holds a B.S. and an M.Eng. from MIT in Computer Science.

About Marginize
Marginize augments every page on the web with a sidebar in which users can interact with each other freely through comments and check-ins. Marginize was a TechStars 2010 company and has received investments from prominent Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds in the summer of 2010.

Founder &  CEOSynapDx                                                                                       Marginize

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