Archives mensuelles : août 2010

Café des Sciences n°31 « La nouvelle route de la soie : quand biologie, développement durable et haute technologie se rencontrent »

Dr. Fiorenzo Omenetto
Professeur de Génie Biomédical, Tufts University

Mercredi 25 août 2010, 18h00 – 20h00

Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor
One Broadway, Cambridge (map)

Entrée gratuite.
Présentation suivie d’une réception (café et croissants)


Presentation in French

Fiorenzo G. Omenetto is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and  leads the laboratory for Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics and Biophotonics at Tufts University. He also holds an appointment in the Department of Physics. Formerly a J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory before joining Tufts, his research is focused on interdisciplinary themes that span nonlinear optics, nanostructured materials (such as photonic crystals and photonic crystal fibers), optofluidics and biopolymer based photonics. He has published over 100 papers and peer-review contributions across these various disciplines.

Since moving to Tufts at the end of 2005, he has proposed and pioneered (with David Kaplan) the use of silk as a material platform for photonics, optoelectronics and high-technology applications. He is co-inventor on over 30 disclosures on the
subject and is actively investigating novel applications that rely on this new technology base. This new research platform has recently been featured in MIT’s Technology Review’s magazine as on of the 2010 TR10- ‘top ten technologies likely to change the world.’