12 mars – Café #17:  » Rester entrepreneur quelque soit la taille de la societe »

fred-chereauFrederic Chereau
President & Chief Executive Officer of Pervasis Therapeutics

Mr. Chereau assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer at Pervasis Therapeutics in September 2008. Prior to Pervasis, Mr. Chereau was the Vice President and General Manager of Genzyme Cardiovascular, a business unit of Genzyme Corporation. As VP and General Manager, Mr. Chereau led teams focusing on commercialization of a hypercholesterolemia product (Cholestagel), development of a late clinical stage gene therapy program in Peripheral Arterial Disease, and a broad range of business development activities. In addition, Mr. Chereau served as the Chief Operating Officer of MG Biotherapeutics LLC, a Genzyme and Medtronic joint-venture formed to develop cellular therapies for cardiac repair.
From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Chereau held various marketing and business development positions within Genzyme with growing responsibilities in France and Europe. During this time, he was appointed as CEO of Myosix SA, a cell therapy company based in France with an ongoing close relationship with Genzyme Cardiovascular’s cell therapy programs. He relocated to the United States in 2005 and was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Cardiovascular Business Unit in November 2006.
Prior to Genzyme, Mr. Chereau started his career in sales and product management for a French medical device retail company in the hemodialysis and blood transfusion field.
Mr. Chereau holds a B.S. in Physics from Paris University, completed graduate studies at the La Rochelle Business School and received an M.B.A. from INSEAD
Lieu: Hubtech21, One Broadway 11th floor – Cambridge 02142
T: Kendall Square
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